CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Weight Kettlebell


(as of 03/08/2017 at 17:17 UTC)


The CAP Barbell SDK5 Competition Weight Kettlebell sets the bar high for kettlebell quality. Each kettlebell is made from solid cast iron and the weight is accurate to within 1%. Each kettlebell is then machined and powder-coated, creating a seam-free surface with a texture that is both comfortable and easy to grip. The wide, flat base will ensure that your weight rests firmly on the ground without rocking. Each kettlebell is color-coded for easy identification and sorting and the weight is displayed in both pounds and kilograms.


  • 13-Pound weight, Gray handle
  • Weight is accurate to within 1% of stated weight
  • Made from machine-finished, powder-coated cast iron
  • Wide, flat base will not rock
  • Color-coded handle for easy sorting


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